THESE ARE MY HOURS is the story of one birth – start to finish. A total immersion into civilization's oldest ritual, it is the first documentary filmed entirely during a labor, told from the perspective of someone giving birth. 

"These Are My Hours represents everything I believe as a woman, mother, midwife, and feminist.  I was in tears just a few seconds in, and haven't stopped thinking about it since.  We need more tools for the positive birth movement, and this film is the real deal."
Margo Blackstone, Indie Birth  

"These Are My Hours  is the most beautiful, raw and honest birth film I've seen. As a midwife I've seen women give birth so many times. To know there's footage that's captured this experience so well makes me beyond grateful. I cannot wait to share this film with my clients.

- Marjolein Faber, Dutch Midwife 

"While other documentaries on birth have faithfully recorded and narrated a wide range of birth stories, Kirschenbaum’s brings the viewer close to feeling the sensations of birth... This ability to access the physiology of birth through film on the level of the sensory, as opposed to just the visual, is rare." 

Anna Hennessey, Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley



THESE ARE MY HOURS is a multi-sensory documentary about one profoundly empowered woman's physical, emotional and psychological experience of giving birth. A total immersion into civilization's oldest ritual, it is the first documentary filmed exclusively during a labor, and the first told from the perspective of someone giving birth.



MARCH 2017

We presented the trailer and a sample of the film at the Indie Birth Conference. It was a great success! Here's Scott's intro speech:

April 2017

Director Scott Kirschenbaum was a guest on the podcast "Making Movies is Hard."


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